Thursday, March 11, 2010

Where has the time gone?

I know it has been months since there has been electronic activity added to this site. Well....much physical activity occurred over the fall months and then we rested. While our climate allows for growing at least some food nearly year round, it is also nice to have some time off during the coldest months. The sun going down before 4 and coming up around 8 definitely signals a time for rest.

A review: last fall we put in some pathways, built a tool shed, painted the hoophouses, and built a sign holder. Some nice construction projects. We also ritually planted the garlic in the raised I write this the garlic leaves are already 6 inches high....definitely one of my favorites to grow.

Now spring, as dormancy breaks all around us, gets me again in the planning mood. Our partner gardens are accepting "renters" as plots are being claimed and plans are in the works for the year ahead. We at Five Loaves are entering a new stage....the first employee.

We are looking for a summer intern-type position to bring things to another level. The pressures of harvest and distribution are difficult for volunteers to keep up with. Also, I an continually amazed at the ideas and opportunities that present themselves. The farm needs someone devoted full-time to chase some of those opportunities. I can't wait. I'll post the job description on the next entry.

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