Friday, April 17, 2009

News from Around Town

Much has been happening around town lately. I haven’t written about two great blessings that we received this winter. Third CRC was honored with the runner-up award for the Green Congregation Grant sponsored by the CRC’s Office of Social Justice. This was given to us for the work of Five Loaves Farm. It is great to be recognized by the denomination for this project. As a plug, the Office of Social Justice is doing some great things…check out their website listed on the right.

Secondly, we received a substantial grant from A Rocha USA to further establish and expand community gardening in Lynden. This $10,000 grant is incredible. It is going to specific on-the-ground projects at Five Loaves Farm….upgrading the hoophouse, putting up signage, establishing pathways, benches, and building an on-site marketstand. We’re going to need some help getting all this done. Additionally, this grant is helping fund the community gardens on the grounds of Sonlight CRC and Lynden United Methodist Church. It will assist in covering some of the start-up costs and help them become established. At the North City Community Garden (Sonlight)…a load of Smit’s compost is being delivered. That stuff is gold. And at the Methodist garden (a name is being voted on this week) hoses, tools, and a shed are in the works. Some of the gardeners here have already been planting some of the early-season crops. Exciting. I’ll try to post some pictures soon. The A Rocha grant is already having an impact. Another plug….check out A Rocha USA’s website on the right. If you are able…I highly recommend supporting this organization.

Five Loaves Farm is still resting. The cover crop is growing. We’ll till it in the next couple weeks. The garlic is putting on some serious height already….the garlic section is new this year. There are many different varieties we’ll be trying. I can’t wait. If you know me (or smell me) know I LOVE garlic. The artichokes were hit hard this winter. I’ve perennialized them in years past but this winter was tough and we may have to grow some new starts. The strawberries are OK and the perennial flowers are flourishing. The rest of the garden waits.

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