Thursday, March 8, 2012

Five Loaves Farm / De Loach community garden award

Go to this link: Five Loaves Farm / De Loach award

We (Five Loaves Farm) have been selected as a finalist in the De Loach community garden award.  We are 1 of 15 gardens around North America to be selected - this is an honor in itself.   The next step, though, is that now we need to drum up voters to vote for the Five Loaves Farm video which is up on their website.  The top 5 vote-getters receive $4,000 and some publicity in Organic Gardening Magazine.  

While recruiting online voters isn't necessarily my favorite thing to do, I see this as a good opportunity to make a fun video, spread the word, show people what we are doing, rally around the farm, and also potentially raise some funding to help us continue to do what we're doing.  

The voting period lasts for 6 months (until August) so this is a long haul.  We're just getting started.  You are welcome to come back to the link the next day and do it again...and again the next day....and again the next day….

Be patient with the video to load - their video platform is slow.
Five Loaves Farm / De Loach award

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