Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yesterday at the Farm

A truly great week. While the VBS activities have been taking place outside of church, there has been a ton of activity around the farm. Yesterday we supplied fresh produce to the AGAPE project food bank who is setting up a donation station next to the farm for the next several weeks. The remarkable weather of this spring (hot and sunny) and a little rain over the last couple days has things looking great. Here are some pics from yesterday.

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  1. Hey Dave! I've been admiring the blog again. Keep up the good work, things are looking great!!! Haven't been able to participate at VBS this year (too many things going on), so I've been missing out. Thanks for sharing what you're up to here so I can keep up with the progress. We need to get Five Loaves Farm some more "followers" I'll see what I can do to spread the word! Praying that you'll be encouraged by such a great gardening year!!!